20 Jul 2018

Milton Keynes Top Storytelling Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Matt Wate - Milton Keynes Top Storytelling Expert - 7:15am to 9:30am

Matt is an experienced Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Management, Direct Sales, and Networking.

Matt has worked in the public, private & charity sectors for over 10 years. Always in an external facing role. Matt now works with the biggest names in the tech industry.  Matt’s passion is marketing to make the products & brands he works with even more famous.

About the conversation:


Storytelling in business... Everyone has a story but are people willing to listen?

When Matt Wate introduces himself as a former counter terrorism officer he gets everybody’s attention. When he introduces himself as the marketing lead at Ingram Micro he has more work to do to engage & inspire people.

Through global speaking engagements & working in government, charity & the private sector Matt has developed a series of top tips on storytelling to make great presentations in enhance public speaking.

Matt’s goal is to equip other business owners & professionals like you to feel comfortable telling your stories.

These tips will always work whether it’s a product pitch to an IT retailer or talking your way out of a hostile meeting with Islamic extremists! Everyone needs to tell really good stories...

Develop a great story – the why, the how, the what. Whether it’s a networking conversation or a product description. You need to be very interesting in our low attention-span world!

You will receive top tips on how to pitch yourself, your organisation & your service.  Learn where to get equipped to make quick wins

Matt has talked himself out of some sticky situations working in counter terrorism.  He has also received standing ovations from the UK’s biggest tech brands – effective communication is at the heart of how & why Matt works.