11 May 2018

Milton Keynes Top Small Business Leadership Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Freddie Guilmard - Milton Keynes Top Small Business Leadership Expert - 7.15am to 9.30am

Freddie’s knowledge & insights were recognised when he was invited to be a “Guru” on the government's Engage 4 Success task force.

Freddie was Director of Strategy & Business Change for Opus Creates & he was also Director of Strategic Client Development for Maritz, the world’s largest performance improvement specialists.

Freddie’s passion led him to start his own business working with leaders giving them the tools, passion & motivation to be the very best. Transformation of this kind is not complicated, it’s hard. Freddie helps businesses understand the difference.

The Red Thread Partnership has been successfully delivering organisational development programmes, enabling companies to effectively develop leaders & grow great teams.

Freddie has also published his book, The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership. His Fellowship programme became accredited with the ILM in 2017.

About the conversation:

Discover how to be a World Class SME!

How can Small Business owners Develop themselves & their managers?

Freddie will demonstrate 12 key areas for you to focus on.  He will Introduce you to an eLearning package that will help.

Effective leadership & the right culture can improve productivity by 23%. 1 in 5 SME Leaders don’t measure business productivity An astounding 60% of SME leaders consider company culture as a ‘nice to have’.


Boost productivity levels by improving management quality & giving employees autonomy & purpose. World Class managers lead effective teams, create great culture, increase productivity & reduce absenteeism & employee turnover.

Freddie has over twenty years experience of board level Communications & Change Initiatives focussing on Internal Communication & Employee Engagement Strategies, Conference Content, Live Experiential Events, Leadership Team Development & Performance Improvement. Now he wants to bring these skills to Small Business.

Being both strategic & creative & being able to engage internal stakeholders will enable them to drive effective change & engagement inside Small Businesses.