13 Apr 2018

Milton Keynes Top Mindfulness Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Jo Clarke - Milton Keynes Top Mindfulness Expert - 7.15am to 9.30am

Jo Clarke is Milton Keynes top Mindfulness Expert, Consultant, Teacher & Advocate. Jo trained at The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Bangor University & The Mindfulness Association. Jo regularly attends CPD courses & retreats to deepen & broaden her practice.

Jo experienced the benefits of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. Jo learnt from renowned mindfulness teacher & writer, Ed Halliwell (School of Life faculty member and author of Mindfulness: How To Live Well by Paying Attention). Jo has become a passionate advocate for the benefits of mindfulness in all walks of life.

Jo offers practical mindfulness training to individuals & organisations that can be used to prevent burnout & increase resilience.

About the conversation:

Do you know the difference between Good Stress & Bad Stress? Why does it matter and what is meant by Optimal Performance?

This Friday, 13th April at 7.15am you will learn how Mindfulness can help to identify good stress & bad stress, increase resilience & maintain optimal performance, so that you stay on top of your game.

When there’s so much going on with pressures at work & responsibilities at home, you can get bogged down in the negative. Often the good stuff goes unnoticed & passes you by. Your mind becomes cluttered & full. Your behaviour can sometimes have a dramatic impact on your health & on those around you. You get caught up in your ‘automatic pilot’, behaving & reacting to events in unhelpful ways rather than having the space to choose how you respond.

Mindfulness is a sustainable approach that offers lifelong skills & strategies that can help you reduce stress & build resilience. Mindfulness practice helps you to “rewire” your brain, changing habits & behaviours that are unhelpful. By opening & freeing your mind, becoming more aware & capable of choosing your response, you can develop strong, considered & creative leadership thinking.

This Friday, 13th April, you will enjoy:

  1. -  Experiencing a short mindfulness exercise

  2. -  a clearer idea of what mindfulness is

  3. -  Learning how mindfulness can be useful in everyday life