07 Jul 2017

Milton Keynes Top Mental Health in the workplace Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Steve McNay - Mental Health in the Workplace Expert

Steve McNay from the MK Mind BLMK charity says…


“I have been working in mental health services for over 25 years, in Milton Keynes for the past 20. I have been managing within both national and local organisations, covering a diverse range of services and working with a range of statutory, voluntary and private sector businesses.”

“Having seen family members and friends experience difficulties, seen the lack of investment and understanding around mental health and the impact this has, I have worked to improve support locally, regionally and nationally alongside reducing the stigma and discrimination that still blights so many. With qualification in mental health, youth work and teaching, my diverse experience and knowledge help me to engage with a wide range of audiences.”

About the conversation:

Should mental health issues impact on your business? Or should your business impact positively on mental health?


Why awareness of mental health can work wonders for the harmony of your business and allow your staff members to give freely of their best…


Top mental health expert Steve McNay from Mind-BLMK shares his advice: Don’t miss this vital 10 Minute Tip at the Business Growth Club this Friday 7th July at Abbey Hill Golf Centre in Two Mile Ash Milton Keynes MK8 8AA


Mental health impacts you, your business and your bottom line…whatever the size or nature of your business


But there are things you can do to minimise this impact, promoting a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.


This striking 10 Minute Tip at the Business Growth Club July 7th, 2017 is an opportunity to be shown around a subject that is often overlooked. Or, it’s hard to discuss … or people are frightened of saying the wrong thing. But whatever the clouding circumstances, mental health issues are real. They are here under our noses, among our colleagues and employees.

And have to be addressed if we are to continue running our businesses successfully.


Particularly as business in our current circumstances becomes more complex, more stressful and more competitive, everyone working in a business (even a small one) is subject to pressures that can lead to mental health problems.


Combine that with the often concealed but powerful issues emanating from employees’ home lives, and you’re potentially looking at workplace explosions.  

Steve’s tip will be informal, accessible and understanding, with an openness that promotes positive change.


The opportunity will be there for people to ask the questions, explore their own ways of working and how they can positively impact others in their organisations. This, often, is extremely helpful.

How Mind BLMK is helping businesses like yours in our region


Mind BLMK has been offering support since 1978. During this time, thousands of local people have benefited, improving their lives and recovering from mental ill health. They offer information, advice and direct support to hundreds of people each week using a workforce of over 40 employees and nearly 200 volunteers. As part of the Mind network, they meet the highest standards of quality around governance, finance, service delivery and similar and are one of the few local groups to have Investors in People, Matrix and Charity Commission accolades.


Mind BLMK works across Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes and is one of the larger Mind associations. As part of a 140 strong federation, they are able to utilise the benefits of being part of a national group, whilst retaining the local focus. With diverse services and income sources, they are well placed to develop further and build upon some of the positive changes to attitudes and approaches, both within our area and on a larger scale.