15 Sep 2017

Milton Keynes top Fitness for Business Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Simon William - Fitness for Business Expert

I am a health & fitness coach, an established & successful personal trainer as well as a business owner.

My journey into this field began when I lost my hearing in my left ear, sustained an injury in a football game (my first attempt to get fit) and then my girlfriend left me.

To fill a void, I partied and ate the wrong food so I became overweight. On top of that I smoked & drank alcohol on a daily basis & more or less lived on fast food.

Before too long I was unhappy, had a body that I was ashamed of and lost my confidence & motivation to do anything about it.

I knew that something had to change & that only I was capable of making the changes. I started back into martial arts & soon was training again on a regular basis.

It wasn't long before I realised this made me happy so I made a huge change, I left my job of 9 years & set up my own personal training business.

After 2 years of working with people on a 1 to 1 basis, I launched a company called fitMK Ltd. This is an outdoor group training business and this is the largest & most successful of its type.

My personal life turned a corner too & in 2010, I married Jackie, we have 2 sons Mathias and Nathan.

fitMK is now very well established & I have learnt from the success of this business that what I really love to do is make a difference to people's lives. Supporting people globally to have the strength, confidence & mindset to make their life the best it can possibly be. To train their minds alongside their bodies to achieve things they only ever dreamt of.

I now work as a Personal Coach to help you to become the best version of YOU.

About the conversation:

Do you know why a successful business day

does not start when you sit down at your desk?

It starts when you & your body first begin to function. Here's how to make sure you get going brilliantly...

This Friday morning 15th September from 7.15am until 9.30am at Abbey Hill Golf Centre in Two Mile Ash MK8 8AA

Learn how to get your most important asset (yourself) going properly every morning so every day is a successful business day at The Business Growth Club's 10 Minute Tip this Friday, September 15th, with Top Milton Keynes fitness expert Simon Williams from FitMK ... our only local outdoor gym that truly is a breath of fresh air.

"You are the most valuable asset in your business, so it's important that you look after yourself with rituals & habits that serve you & make you the best that you can possibly be”, says Simon Williams. "I will share the key morning rituals of some of the biggest & most influential people throughout history & share why this was so powerful for them - &, how you can easily apply this to your own daily routines”.


"This way you'll get a refreshed view on how you set up your day, some strategies that will be easy to implement, & help to take control & hold of the day," Simon continues. "You'll also find what you learn helpful to pass on to colleagues & employees, and also to help everyone in the office become a little more focused & fired up as the day's work begins."

"I became a personal trainer in 2004 in a time when they weren't very many gyms. I learnt quickly that people wanted more than just 'exercise. This led to me creating fitMK which is Milton Keynes' Outdoor Gym. This was built on training that was massively effective but also had a large element of fun! It’s also community & social experience based."

"I now employ a full time manager to run the business with a team of 6/7 other personal trainers & teach them the basis of what I have found works well for so many."

"My Personal Coaching business is focused on teaching the elements of my UPGRADE program through 1 to 1’s, workshops & corporate seminars," concludes Simon. "I have also ventured into the realm of helping people take on challenges that they wouldn't normally think they could or would do. For example, recently taking a group of people to the Pyrenees & conquering a Via Ferrata."