21 Jul 2017

Milton Keynes Top Facebook for Business Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Mark Tomkins - Facebook for Business Expert

Aubergine: a great marketing success story

Mark Tomkins spent 28 years in the creative agency sector, both leading the way in the large agencies and seeing how it shouldn’t be done. He set up Aubergine in 2002 with his wife, Bekki, to do what people expect from a creative agency without the shackles of corporations.

Aubergine today is 10 people: a solid team of designers, developers, social and search experts - all controlled to a strict plan by project managers. Aubergine is their passion and their life. They invest a lot of time and effort to ensure that when the client finalises a project, they still feel as excited as in that honeymoon period when the project started.

Aubergine also run a very successful apprenticeship programme and have 2 qualified developers and a new search and social marketeer apprentice. Mark Tomkins decided to grow their own as there were either too many offshore development companies giving web development and SEO a bad name … or else inexperienced people damaging brands.

About the conversation:

Face it - Facebook’s brilliant for business

Find out how to get the best from it…


This Friday July 21st at The Business Growth Club Milton Keynes from 7.15am until 9.30am at Abbey Hill Golf Centre, Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes MK8 8AA

Today there’s much more to Facebook than pretty cats and recipes – it’s nipping at LinkedIn’s heels for number one place as the leading platform for business, as well as social interaction.


Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how to make it work brilliantly for your business with top MK marketing expert Mark Tomkins, creative director and founder of multi-award winning agency Aubergine.


“I’ll be focusing on Facebook for Business,” says Mark. “Is it right for my business? What can I expect? How do I use it? It’s aimed at those that want to use Facebook for business but haven’t yet, or those who don’t really ‘get it’.”

Face the facts about Facebook and use it to boost your business

1) What is Facebook for business - who it works for, who it won't work for and why.


2) Using Facebook for business to drive visitors TO your website, don't lure them away!


3) Getting started - how to set the page up, add users and getting the custom URL.


4) Likes and followers - don't buy (ever), ask.


5) What content to post - images (licensed!) and length of content.


6) Frequency.


7) Facebook Ads - worth it or not?


8) Don't be fooled by the demographic data.


9) Facebook groups - share advice, don't hard sell.


10) Engage - don't set it up and leave it to fester.


11) Quality over quantity.

“We’ve been using Facebook for Business since it started in 2007,” continues Mark. “We’ve managed over 120 different Facebook client accounts – for just unpaid messaging as well as paid-advertising across a range of both high-saturation service sectors and densely-populated target groups.”