25 May 2018

Milton Keynes Top Business Turnaround Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Annie Thompson - Milton Keynes Top Business Turnaround Expert - 7.15am to 9.30am

Annie started her own band management agency at just 13. That business paid for her first car at 17. Annie decided she wanted to be an Accountant. She started with a Part Time Purchase Ledger job at a the Ipsos SA Group.  Annie quickly won promotion to Sales Ledger where she learnt a lot of the higher level stuff.

Annie became an Assistant Accountant at a party products company. Within 4 months she’d streamlined the job so much that she had 2 & a half weeks of the month with nothing to do. She really struggles with being bored so luckily she was offered a role back at Ipsos as a Finance Manager while the Head of Finance was on maternity leave. Annie really made a difference to the team & the business, saving over £100,000 in costs in one year!

Annie then went into various contract roles, specialising in business turnarounds, business growth & process improvement. One of these roles was at a Formula 3 team, which Annie took from losing £500,000 per year to making a profit in only 6 months. The bulk of the savings were made from in-sourcing the travel & accommodation to be controlled by 1 member of staff rather than the team booking things themselves.

Currently, Annie is Finance Director of a retail & manufacturing business with BIG plans for the future.

Annie is a “petrol head” so her true love is Motorsport.

About the conversation:

5 simple things to implement in your business to accelerate growth & profitability

Learn the simple things that business owners can do themselves to make your organisation much more profitable with happier staff & management. Simple things that will set you apart from your competitors.

Annie Thompson is an Experienced Finance Director, with a passion for Business Turnarounds & Business Growth.  Annie has achieved success in businesses of all sizes in different sectors.