23 May 2016

Two cyclists

Author: Alan Bullen

I wasn’t sure if Worktree chair Alan was joking or not when he said how about cycling 1,000 miles for £1,000. I know Worktree is kinda skint, I said, and I’m Worktree’s longest serving worker and all, but really? Alan just smiled and the deal was done. I normally just like cycling to work and back, but I’ve been cycling with Alan before. He’s a bit serious about going fast as he can, insists on removing anything like a tiny bell that might increase wind resistance, but he’s a good companion and slows down when I’ve slipped back. Last year we did the 500-mile Extra Mile Challenge in France, and it was a blast...but that was with two others, Iain Row and Tony Leach. So this challenge is four times bigger. Iain? Tony?!